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Crab Trap Brace Reinforcement Wire


**This item is currently not available for Online Purchase.  Item may be shipped.  We do also offer periodic delivery to Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA and surrounding areas.  Please contact us for appropriate pricing with cost of freight/shipping. **

Crab Trap Brace/Reinforcement Wire helps extend the lifespan of crab traps. Pricing is Per Lb. or 100 Lb. Coil.

Contractor Brand merchant coils provided by Beaufort Marine Supply Inc. are produced from carbon steel wire that has been "dead-soft" annealed.  The wire used to produce Contractor brand merchant coils will comply with the ASTM A853 specification.  The chemical composition of the contractor brand merchant coils will comply with a C1006 or C1008 grade as specified in ASTM A510 and ASTM A1040.  The wire used will be annealed to a tensile range of 40,000psi to 55,000 psi.