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Life Jacket Signal Light


The ACR 3355 is equipped with a multi-faceted refracting lens, the C-Light creates a twinkling effect perfect for signaling and is visible for up to 2 miles (3.2 km).  Comes with a C-Clip adapter for life jackets, as well as steel clip and Velcro strap for mounting flexibility.  It's designed to meet the demands of marine service, and is ideal for car, boat crew, campers, crisis or whenever a reliable efficient light is needed.  Slim lightweight design fits easily in a pocket, and hangs discreetly when attached to life vest or jacket.  It attaches easily to life vest or jacket with stainless steel pin or integral lash loops and Velcro strap.  It's waterproof and corrosion resistant case has a new attachment pin that engages the top cap, thereby preventing accidental disassembly.  Twist ON/OFF control can be operated by gloved hands in adverse conditions, and the adjustable wrist strap provides a means for keeping the light secure.  The intense incandescent light is visible for up to two miles, depending upon conditions, and produces a twinkling effect for signaling.  The lens simultaneously focuses a beam of light straight ahead and a ring of light all around.  The multi-faceted refracting lens intensifies light up to 20 times brighter at the horizon and 75 times at the vertical cone of light.  5.6" long, 1.3" diameter, 1.3 oz.  Two AA batteries required (not included).