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Pneumatic Ringer Tool


Our Pneumatic Ringer can be used in the assembly of camouflage netting, cages for small fur-bearing animals, the poultry industry and in the construction of Wire Crab Traps.  The Ringer weighs less than 4 Lbs., works with oil-less operation (No Inline Lubricators necessary) and forms round rings with no protruding sharp points to snag or tear.  It has a reduced magazine offset for access into hard to reach areas.  Ergonomically designed with excellent balance and foam cushion grip to reduce operator fatigue.  90 Day Warranty.  Please inquire for current stock and shipping price.  

**This item is currently only available for in-store purchase.  Item may be shipped.  We do also offer periodic delivery to Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA and surrounding areas.  Please contact us for appropriate pricing with cost of freight/shipping. **