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Polyester Sling


Polyester Sling. The round sling wraps easily around just about any shape and size and grips the load with ease, hugs it tight (especially in a choker hitch) and lifts with security and flexibility like no other.  The all-polyester construction virtually eliminates moisture absorption, rot and mildew for long service life.  They feature a relatively low stretch (3% maximum at its rated capacity) and returns to original length.

Endless Type Size Available is 1.5 Inches Wide and 14 Inches Long (14,000 Lbs. Rated Vertical Capacity). 

Eye and Eye Type Sizes Available in 5 Foot Length (2 Inches Wide, 6,400 Lbs. Rated Vertical Capacity, 5,100 Lbs. Rated Choker Capacity, 12,800 Lbs. Rated V. Basket Capacity) & 16 Foot Length (4 Inches Wide, 11,500 Lbs. Rated Vertical Capacity, 9,200 Lbs. Rated Choker Capacity, 23,000 Lbs. Rated V. Basket Capacity).  All Slings Come in Yellow Color Only. 

**This item is currently only available for in-store purchase.  Item may be shipped.  We do also offer periodic delivery to Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA and surrounding areas.  Please contact us for appropriate pricing with cost of freight/shipping. **